Welcome to Dziemiela.com, the self-appointed hub of all things Dziemiela and Dzimiela.

To pronounce it, just say "JHA-MEL-LA" keeping the syllables soft.

If you didn't already know, its a Polish surname.  And it's a very rare name both here in the United States and in Europe.  There are perhaps 60 people on the face of the earth with the name, so we are all pretty closely tied together.  Everyone is a descendant of Tomasz Dziemiela. He lived in the hamlet of Łegorz just west of the town of Jasło in southeastern Poland.  His three sons, Piotr, Jacek and Kazimierz founded the three clans of Dziemielas known today.  Piotr and Kazimierz came to America while Jacek's family remained in Poland. 

By far the best place to learn more about the Dziemiela story is to read Steven Henry Ukasick's work, Liber Generatiorum: The Stories and Lives of the Ukasick, Dunai, Machowicz, Dziemiela and Swantek Families (2002).  While currently out of print, there are many copies floating about and you can always contact myself or the author about funding another print run.

I've also recently pushed almost everything I have out onto Ancestry.com.  That's probably the simplest way to grab the years of work various folks have put into our family history.  And you can always contact me directly for help and information if you don't wish to subscribe to Ancestry.com.